LONDON Fashion Week S/S14: Tom Ford

TOM FORD has been known for his time spent designing for Gucci. However, over the last several years he has been making a name for himself.

The S/S14 collection is bold, daring and artistic to say the least. The diligence to the creations is fascinating. The saturation of the colors is dark, more intense. Showcasing leather, lace, netting and embellishments, each piece was precisely constructed.


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LONDON Fashion Week: S/S14 Temperley London

Temperley London is known for a feminine and enduring collection. The Temperley London lady is “a sexy, strong, well-travelled and confident woman. She knows her own identity but yet is comfortable enough to experiment with different styles and shapes” says Temperley.

The collection is embodied by incredible embellishments, lively patterns and a unique artisan technique. The color palette is mixing highs and lows to bring a uniform look. Fabrics drape perfectly on the body to maintain definition.

‘Temperley London’ dresses can be seen on: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Florence Welsh, Demi Moore and Jennifer Lopez.

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Monday Moment’s Inside: A Models Workshop

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Company Name: A Model’s workshop

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Tell us a little bit about your background: 

I am a branding agent, magazine publisher, music producer, and talent manager. A Model’s is a team of models, entertainers, stylists, make up artists, and more looking to help models and entertainers excel in the industry. Our current members include but are not limited to:

Artists who have produced music with platinum selling artists

Celebrity make-up artists

Film credited and award winning stylists

Internationally recognized models


Give us an overview of what A Models Workshop is all about. 

A Model’s Workshop is a company dedicated to teaching the ins and outs of the modeling, fashion, and entertainment industries. We provide valuable tips and insight to models, photographers, make up artists, hair stylists, and fashion designers. We travel to some of the most scenic locations and best markets throughout the US. We are a valuable resource for up and coming brands seeking exposure to the most vibrant segment of the market. We are the first choice for new fashion designers seeking models and a platform to showcase their work. We are the top choice for hair stylists and make up artists seeking exposure. Every attendee of A Model’s Workshop receives an industry standard portfolio upgrade, one-on-one instruction, networking opportunities, and an experience unlike any. With only one year in operation, A Model’s Workshop has been welcomed into the fashion world as an organization with extreme promise.


What cities do these workshops take place in? 

We are always looking for new markets to host workshops. Our goal is to be a global organization, so we are making connections.  We have upcoming workshop plans for Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, Las Vegas, New York City, Atlanta, Houston, and Chicago.  We have recently generated international interest that rivals Fashion Week.


What would you say is your area of expertise?  

Modeling is our area of expertise.  On our team, we have professional models, make up artists, and hairstylists. My expertise lies in branding, marketing, video & music production, and management. I have run extremely popular magazines, worked with supermodels and platinum artists directly, and I am just getting started.

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What success have you currently had from one of your workshops?

We have had success at every workshop because at each one networking opportunities are vast, and many have received job offers after attending.


What types of classes are offered?

 Our curriculum covers a variety of topics which are vital to success: The Business of Modeling Today, How to Pose, Online Intelligence, Make Up Prep & Styling Tips, and Independent Modeling Success.


Who should attend a A Models Workshop event?

Inexperienced or professional models, photographers, make up artists, hair stylists, managers, agents, music producers, video producers, brands, and designers have all benefited from attending our workshops.

What makes A Models Workshop different from other industry related workshop events? 

We have been told that our cost when compared to schools is unbelievable. Attendees have left our workshops with literally thousands of pictures. Models have shot for 6 hours non stop with look changes and up to 10 photographers (some published). Attendees are able to work directly with the leaders in their industry. 


Any additional information/comments:

We are launching a kickstarter campaign


For more information, check out:


LONDON Fashion Week: S/S14 Julien Macdonald

Julien Macdonald is known for conspiring extraordinary gowns on the red carpet. The collection is based around metallic influences with a high attention to detail. The embellishments are strategically placed in order to display the hourglass feature. “My designs are sexy, high octane, powerful and liberating” says Macdonald.

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