PARIS Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Week: Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

The blueprint for McQueen’s S/S 14 collection consists of unexpected collaborations. Creativity is fully expressed and demonstrated with geometric prints and red being the primary color influence.  Layers, offering laser cut leather and perforated designs, are a key component with these silhouettes. Mixing African tribal elements with armor shield details, reveal are warrior within mentality.  Prints are courageous, exhibiting the heroic persona they portray. 

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Tosha’s Look: Coral Explosion

Coral is one of my favorite colors to wear. It works well with my skin tone. It is important to know what colors work good for you in order to avoid being washed out. Here I have worn a coral shawl with black. I finished the look by adding a cute grey felt hat

Tosha Cole Clemens 3

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Tuesday Treasures: Garden of Life Vitamins


Vitamins should be a part of our daily life! I have researched tons of different company’s and I am very pleased with Garden of Life Vitamin Code products. They are RAW, Gluten Free. Vitamins at grocery stores are actually not healthy at all. Make sure to do research on the products before you take them and always get products from a health food store!


Monday Moments Inside: ATHRA LUXE


luxe1 (2)
Owner Background Summary:
Athra Luxe™ is a design house with a team of jewelers, artists and crafters with extensive backgrounds in their fields, who design collectable pieces. As Athra’s premier line, the designs have a distinctive elegance giving the “Essence of Luxury” to the everyday woman at an affordable price. The Athra Luxe collections incorporate sterling silver, 14k gold over sterling silver and other metals. Many designs incorporate black diamond crystal, cubic zirconia, freshwater pearls and black onyx.

How did you start your company?
Athra was established in 1984. Since the 1980’s, The brand ATHRA LUXE evolved from the founding company Athra which represents their premier luxury collections that cater to high end stores and clientele. The name “Athra” is a derivative from the Assyria meaning “homeland”. Four seasons, 12 months and a year represented within the core of the flower logo originating from the Assyrian daisy flower which is a symbolic meaning to the roots of the brand. Athra is proud to maintain a reputation as a family owned silver fashion house. Allowing Athra Luxe to satisfy the needs of a wide array of customers ranging from elite department stores to specialty boutiques.

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What is your company about?
Athra Luxe is a designer jewelry brand with a distinctive and elegant “Essence of Luxury” to the everyday woman at an affordable price. Our vision is to be an icon in the industry as the “go to” brand for affordable luxury jewelry. Athra Luxe uses sterling silver and gold over sterling silver featuring black diamond crystals, fresh water pearls, cubic zirconia and black onyx creating a look of high end jewelry without breaking the bank or settling for a trendy costume jewelry brands. Athra Luxe pays attention to details by focusing on best-selling designs allowing our customers to collect pieces of the Athra Luxe whether is for day or evening creating their own timeless collection. Our customer ranges from middle to upper-class women ages 25-55 from around the world. We imagine our customer as an everyday woman who loves to rely on her staple pieces of fashion. This allows her to wear our pieces as a statement at a gala or for an added element of glamour on a day out with the girls.

What are the best and worst things about being a business owner?
The best things about running the business is seeing a brand grow and develop just from just simple ideas and concepts then working with your team to make an idea come to life.
The worst things about running a business is overseeing every detail with a fine comb and having to “wear many hats” to ensure brand integrity and high end customer service is always key.

What are the things you like most about your career?
The most fulfilling aspect of our business is that we get to meet new people and travel to different places around the world.

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What are some of your top sources of inspiration?
The design team gathers inspiration from all over the world and from their own creative backgrounds. For instance our current collection is called “Night in Tuscany “is drawn by the enchanting sensation and sights of Italy during a warm autumn night in Tuscany. The “Night in Tuscany” collection features two lines -one is the black crystal collection which captures the essence of the Tuscan night sky through the sparkling black crystals set around 14k gold over sterling silver to give it a luxury feel. The second line is the Italian collection which is primarily made in Italy and incorporates the colors of the sunset comprising of warm yellow gold, silver and stunning rose gold. The Italian collection feature textured spiraling and mutli layered designs which portray the enriched countryside.

What is a typical day like?
A typical day consists of our daily operations of the business from orders and customer service. As well as reviewing marketing and design projects. Then our design team will meet and discuss new design concepts and mock ups of the design details. We also like to stay in touch with our followers and fans by socializing with them through social media outlets which makes our brand a little more personable than others.

What are some of your greatest accomplishments?
Athra Luxe has been featured in multiple blogs and magazines such as the Upscale Living “Best of Luxury” Magazine, Lucky Magazine Community, Elucid Magazine, INSTORE, INDESIGN, Accessories Magazine, Fashion Rooftop, JCK and many more! You can see some of our latest pieces worn by celebrity actress and singer Lauren Mayhew at the 2013 American Music Awards.

What’s your philosophy of life?
Our philosophy of life is that every woman is entitled to feel glamorous and for her to realize that every day women can enjoy the finer things in life.

Any additional info/comments:
The goal for the brand is to gain more exposure to allow Athra Luxe to be a recognizable name in the industry. Furthermore, continuing to develop new designs with luxury and elegance.


PARIS Fashion Week: Valentino


Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, designers of the Valentino S/S14 collection secure us a seat at the opera in Rome.  Elegant defined embroideries with Egyptian graphic influences are the themes for this season. Dresses are constructed to flow with the natural movement of the body, and suede fringe details are used as a tasteful surprise. The overall craftsmanship and incredible intentness of design is evident in this collection.


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Beauty Secrets: Vitamineral Green

Skincare products are great (if they have natural ingredients). However, I believe the most important part of health, beauty and anti-aging is not what we put on the skin but what we ingest.   Over the next few Tuesday’s, I am going to showcase products that I am passionate about. These are my personal daily must haves. I only showcase products that I use and have studied about. Today is all about Vitamineral.  We all need fresh greens on a daily basis but sometimes it’s hard to do that. This daily green supplement has TONS of greens that keep us healthy. By taking this daily, I notice a difference in my skin and energy!




To learn more about the product, check out