4th of July Fashion and Food


July is almost here which means it’s time to get ready for all of those 4th of July parties. When you get invited to a party, you typically ask yourself two things: “What am I going to wear?” and “What am I going to bring?” Well, I’ve got you covered. I’m about to give you a few ideas on what type of outfit you can put together and what type of appetizers or deserts you can bring to a party on the 4th.

The Outfit

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 8.17.22 PM

The outfit you choose is a really important part of any Independence Day party. Obviously, you want to stick with the red, white and blue color scheme. You can do this in many ways. Some people love to go all out and wear as much R,W&B as possible. If you want to be more chic than festive, you can stick to the minimal. Pair a blue dress with some white heels or sneakers and add a red lip or a simple red necklace. It’s also a great excuse to bring out those daisy dukes that you never wear. Make sure you dress for the weather because chances are, it’s going to be hot, hot, hot. You can mix and match any of the items in the picture above. Have fun with it, it’s a holiday after all!

The Food

Food is probably THE most important part of any party. Typically, it’s in good manners to bring a dish to any party that you go to. When it’s a 4th of July party, just like the outfits, it’s fun to stick with the theme. I’ve found some really cute, easy and festive dishes that you can bring to a party.

Firecracker Dogs


First, we have the firecracker dogs. Aren’t these adorable? This twist on a hot dog/pig in a blanket is fun for kids and adults! If you’re a vegetarian like me, you can use veggie dogs instead of hotdogs. You can read the recipe here.

4th of July Fruit Salad 

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 8.16.45 PM

Next, we have the 4th of July Fruit Salad. Another cute dish, and it’s healthy! It’s also a great dessert for a hot day. It is really easy to make. You just cut up some watermelon with a star shaped cookie cutter, cut up some strawberries and throw in some blueberries. Voila! It’s that easy. You can check out the recipe here.

So there we have it, some outfit and food tips for this year’s 4th of July parties. I hope you all have a great Independence Day! Have fun, stay cool and be safe!

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White Look after Labor Day!

I don’t follow fashion rules, I make my own! Here I’ve got a white dress that can be dressed up or down! It’s all in how you accessorize!

Tosha Cole Clemens Tosha Cole Clemens 1 Tosha Cole Clemens 2 Tosha Cole Clemens 3 Tosha Cole Clemens 4 Tosha Cole Clemens 5


Photo Credit: Patty Cole



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