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Wednesday Wardrobe: Tosha’s Halloween Inspired Look!

Halloween is near! I love this time of year, the leaves start to change but the weather is still nice! I have been creating unique Halloween inspired looks. Today I am showcasing my Pumpkin look. I would hate to really dress up as an actual pumpkin. This is a fun way to incorporate the color but still look fashionable!

This top was my inspiration for this look.

Tosha Cole Clemens 4

Since the top comes with a built in black waist belt, I paired it with some black textured leggings.

Tosha Cole Clemens 3

Since I never like to be to matchy matchy, I chose a grey heel to bring in another color, it doesn’t clash due to it being a neutral color. The shoes are a wider /chunky heel, which is comfortable to wear out.

Tosha Cole Clemens

I used the same detail of the black waist band to create a headband out of a thin scarf.

Tosha Cole Clemens 2

I added some dressy earrings to go with the dressy outfit and now the outfit is complete!

Tosha Cole Clemens 1


Tuesday Treasures: Clinique Repairwear

As I approach the BIG 3-0, I am becoming more aware of the changes going on with my body, particularly with my skin. All of a sudden, my skin is drier that it has ever been and (GASP!) I am starting to notice a few wrinkles. Pretty religiously, I have been using Clinique products and I have to say that Clinique’s Repairwear Intensive Night Cream is a pretty awesome skin product!
A great choice for both very dry and combination skin, Clinique Repairwear works while you sleep to stop new wrinkles as well as bumps up collagen naturally. I mostly like how this cream is not super greasy and does not clog my pores and I wake up with smooth, rejuvenated skin morning.
A little pricey at $52.00 a jar, but Clinique’s Repairwear is well worth the money and lasts for quiet awhile, since you don’t need much to get the job done.
Article By: Meredith Lancaster from Artfully Yours…

Monday Moment’s Inside: Fashion Container


Let’s learn about Malena from Fashion Container

My name is Malena Permentier and I’m the founder of


Tell us a little bit about your background:

I’m 23 years old, I’m originally from the Netherlands, but I moved to Australia to live with my boyfriend in July 2012. I have got a law degree, but decided to pursue my dream to work in fashion that’s why I started this blog.

How did you start your blog and why?

During my law studies I felt the need of an outlet of my creativity. I started very basic, trying to take my own outfit pictures, then asking friends to take my pictures and slowly the quality of my blog photography became better and better.


What is your bog about?

My blog is mostly about my personal style (outfit pictures) and I also love doing travel and road trip diaries. There is a lot to discover in Australia and I really enjoy sharing my pictures and stories on

What are the best and worst things about being a blogger?

Let’s start with the worst thing, because people always think life of a fashion blogger is super glamorous. Editing and writing a post takes a hell lot of time and requires a lot of nerdy time behind the computer. While I really enjoy writing, the whole editing and making sure the pictures look at their best isn’t my favorite part.

The best thing about being a blogger for me is the feeling that I have got my own project. I’m working towards something bigger and this is what keeps me going and gives me a lot of joy  in the daily routine life.


What are the things you like most about your career?

Being able to take my own direction, write what I want to write about and basically having my faith in my own hands.

What are some of your top sources of inspiration?

When I was still living in  Europe, my main source of inspiration was people on the street and their personal style. That’s different ever since I moved to Perth, because people aren’t very fashionable here in general and the European sense of style that I love, you don’t see much around. Most of my inspiration I’m getting these days from other fashion bloggers on the internet.


What is a typical day like?

Since about a month I’m working full time for an online store, so I’m working normal office hours and in the evening I work on my other job: FashionContainer.

What are some of your greatest accomplishments?

Representing Western Australia  in the Asos state of fashion campaign was pretty cool and I also loved being featured by Dutch fashion magazine Fashionista.


What would be your advice to someone wanting to start a blog?

First determine what you really love. Do you like writing? How do you feel about fashion? What kind of topics would you like to write about? When you ask yourself these questions, it’s easier to choose a direction with your blog.

What’s your philosophy of life?

Determination and Perseverance move the world.


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Thursday Thoughts: Become a Model

Lights, camera, action! The life of a model is glamorous and also complex. Most people only see the end result of modeling, the photos. However, so many components go into it before the photos are taken. My experience, I have been modeling off and on my whole life. I started out with my first agency at 2 years old. From there, I have been signed with several different agencies. So what does it take to get started in this business? Well, I will show you!

Tosha Cole Clemens Tosha Cole Clemens 1

Tosha Cole Clemens

-Take modeling classes, learn how to pose in-front of the camera, trust me it is a art form. You must learn about face angles, body position, lighting, makeup, hair, wardrobe..etc. Also, take runway modeling classes. Learn how to walk down the runway. Take speaking classes if you want to get booked for commercials.  It depends what your goals are. For me, I took training in all areas,  I wanted to be able to purse all avenues.

-You must have a great photographer. Not just someone who takes photos of families and weddings. I am talking about a photographer that specializes in modeling. Research different modeling photographers to see if any of their clients have modeling contracts. Remember, if you are going to pursue this, you need to find the best! It is going to cost money, but this could make or break your chance at becoming  a model. Make sure to ask for referrals, to talk with the actual clients on their experience with the photographer. You are only as good as your headshot!!  Another important note, just because that particular photographer specializes in modeling, it might not be the style you are going for. For me, I work with photographers that have a clean image, not seductive. Since I want my work to appeal to a commercial market, I make sure the photographers have that experience.

Tosha Cole Clemens 5ToshaMC

Tosha Cole Clemens

-Know up front what you are willing to do and what you are not willing to do. I have turned down numerous jobs because I am not willing to shoot nude or semi nude. For me, some things aren’t all about money. However, this is my personal option.

-Once you have great photos then you need to create a resume. List out any work you have done. If you do not have any experience at all, list your measurements and name on your photo.  Then contact a modeling print shop to create your comp card (a photo with your name and measurements).

-When your comp card is ready, research different modeling agencies to find out when they have their open calls (meaning you can show up for an in person audition).  This is better than submitting your photos by mail, you can actually meet everyone in person. Making a personal connection is best.

-Be realistic. At the end of the day, your measurements are the deal breaker. I was able to do runway when I was younger. However, I am not tall enough to do the high fashion runway now. You must be at least 5’9 to be considered. However, I am able to do print and commercial work. Don’t be discouraged by your weakness, focus on your strengths and use them to your advantage! Best of luck!

Tosha Cole Clemens 2Tosha Cole Clemens 6

Tosha Cole Clemens

If you still have questions or want to share your photos with me for advice then email




Wednesday Wardrobe: Tosha’s Witch Inspired Look

Now that Halloween is approaching, I am playing with different looks in my closet. I like to create fashion Halloween inspired looks, that came be worn throughout the entire day. As most of you know, Lime Green is my favorite color so any chance I get to wear it, I feel happy! Instead of spending money on a costume that you only wear once a year, get creative with something you already have, that way it is your own unique design. Next week, stay tuned for my pumpkin inspired look!

I start my inspiration off with this floppy hat, this hat is versatile but in this case can be used as a witch hat as well.

Tosha Cole Clemens


I am wearing a suede green cropped jacket with buttons down the front.

  Tosha Cole Clemens 3

I used a soft pink color for the lips, I did not want to overpower the green jacket since it is the focal point of this outfit.

Tosha Cole Clemens 1


 I used a tall chunky black heel with a wood outsole bottom.


Tosha Cole Clemens 2

Adding a long black skirt ties this look in for the witch inspiration theme.

Tosha Cole Clemens 5

This outfit could also been worn separate of Halloween. I love it when items are multi-purposeful!

Tosha Cole Clemens 4