Milan Fashion Week Recap: Emilio Pucci

Fashion Week in Milan, Italy is breathtaking to say the least. All eyes and ears are tuned in to see what’s next for the dynamic  fashion designers. One designer that stands out for me is, Emilio Pucci.
MILAN September 18 – 23, 2013 
Emilio Pucci
Peter Dundas, the face behind this stunning S/S14 collection dazzles us once again. Alluring close-fitting silhouettes draw an exotic reaction this season. Boxer belts displaying the house logo is predominating shown throughout this assortment. The belt draws attention to the waist, creating an attractive hourglass figure.  Prints are daring, demonstrating the adventurous side of the woman. The colors are fearless, revealing the bold inner confidence of the person. Furthermore, the asymmetrical designs, corset tops and fringe details validate the versatility of the individual’s personality.
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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

You can’t go wrong with Gift Cards, they are quick and easy… plus it allows her to get what she wants. Here are a few ideas of different gift card places.

A gift card to her favorite massage place


A gift card to her favorite nail spa



A gift card to her favorite coffee shop



Happy Christmas Eve!!

Monday Moment’s Inside: Sarandipity



Name and Blog Name:

Saranda, blogname Sarandiptiy (

Tell us a little bit about your background:

I am a Dutch Fashionblogger, 23 years old, just recently graduated in the field op Applied Psychology. When I was younger I wore clothes made by my mother, just as my dolls. I always have been interested in fashion and have tried very diverse styles. For example I was a die-hard rock chick for a couple of years at highschool haha.

How did you start your blog and why?

I started blogging at the beginning of 2012, I actually had tried to blog before but I just did not have a great idea about how everything worked and so I first started reading other blogs a bit more. After a not so great start, I think I posted 15 items during the first year of my blog, I decided to begin blogging again january 2013. I deleted some of the post I found were not so good, I redesigned my lay-out for the first time, decided to leave reactions at the blogs I was already reading and I did a couple of brainstorm sessions about my topics. I started blogging mainly because I needed a creative outlet. I am a very sensitive person, who likes a lot of different things, loves to be creative and I also really love the write. I just felt like blogging was something that was meant for people like me. Reading other peoples blogs inspired me and by blogging and sharing things I liked I got the opportunity to also inspire people.

I really like the creativity, the many possibilities I have, even within my niche, but also the network I am creating in the fashion industry! I made a lot of fashionblogger friends already within a short amount of time. Everyone in the field is just very open, fun and friendly. We all help each other achieving our goals! 🙂


What is your bog about?

Sarandipity is a blog about my journey as a fashionista who is developing herself, finding what her style exactly is. On my blog you can find things like outfitposts, inspiration posts, trend reports, reports about events I went to. But sometimes also more personal topics like a diary or holiday pictures. With my blog my main goal is to inspire people just as how I get inspired by reading other blogs! Therefore my name is just the best match for my blog. It consists out of my own name (Saranda) and the word Serendipity. Which means finding something good while you were not looking for it. It gives my blog the opportunity to grow with me and always be my little space on the web.

What are the best and worst things about being a blogger?

The best thing in my eyes is being able to do what you love, getting inspired and being creative. But also you make so much friends, I just love it!

In my eyes, and at this moment, there is no worst thing about being a blogger!

What are the things you like most about your career?

I won’t say blogging is a career for me yet, I would love it to be and I am pursuing a career withing fashion for sure. In a few years I would love to have my own social media / marketing agency or try to combine styling with personal coaching.

What are some of your top sources of inspiration?

Other bloggers and blogs, events, magazines like VOGUE and other high fashion magazines and besides that celebrities and music. I could just not live without fashion or music!


What is a typical day like?

After waking up I mostly check if the blogpost that was scheduled has been published and has been shared automatically. If not I will correct it and share it manually. If I am in a hurry I won’t have time for it, which is most of the days when I need to go to Amsterdam for an event! During the day I am busy with a lot of different things, including searching for a job (since I haven’t found a job after graduating) and cleaning the house. Not so interesting right? 😉 In the afternoon I am writing new blogposts, making and editing photos, answering email, visit some of my own favorite blogs, checking out my statistics and having contact with other bloggers / PR agency’s or I am going to an event in Amsterdam or somewhere else. Just before going to bed I share my blogpost a little bit more and check out my statistics and also check if the right blogpost is scheduled for the next morning.

What are some of your greatest accomplishments?

I think I am most proud of the fact that I have been blogging seriously not even for a whole year and already I have been to Amsterdam Fashionweek. I went to some very awesome blogger events and my blog really just has become so professional (in my humble opinion and also in comparison with how it was in January this year) within this year!

What would be your advice to someone wanting to start a blog?

Very simple, be and stay yourself but also, don’t underestimate what it’s like to blog. If you want to make blogging your career, or a jumpstart for your career in fashion, it’s going to be a lot of work. And never forget, don’t give up if at a moment things are not going the way you want it, try to stay focused or take a step back and get control again.

What’s your philosophy of life?

My motto is: Happiness is the road, not the destination.

Check out http://www.sarandaadriana.comSignature

LONDON Fashion Week Recap: Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane

The Scotland born designer, Christopher Kane has caught attention worldwide. Kane’s approach to design is effortless. I love detail, especially some sort of embellishment that can transform a garment instantly. It’s always good to move out of your comfort zone each season, to learn new things and to challenge your senses” says Kane.

Kane’s S/S14 assortment is constructed for the fashion connoisseur who can recognize perfection. The cleverness of using tear drops as a design component is noteworthy. Additionally, the oversized flower print envision is impressive. In conjunction with the amazing design details, the use of A-line skirts produces a flattering silhouette that frames the body nicely.  The adaption of unique fabrications and composition cannot be overlooked.

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