Tosha for Stelari

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Tosha for Soulevant Lingerie

Tosha Cole Clemens 4

Tosha Cole Clemens 2

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Tosha Cole Clemens

No bra needed! Full support and complete coverage. Day and Night wear!


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1800cinchers – Waist Cinchers


Waist cinchers have been used by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Snooki. They are now catching the eye of people world-wide. So what is so unique about this method of working out? I have learned that the cinchers are meant to keep you in place and also helps with getting your tummy flatter (especially good for those mom’s that just had a baby and want to get their body back quicker).
To get a better understanding of how amazing these workout cinchers are, I set down with the owner of 1800 cinchers to learn more about this hidden gem!


What made you decide to start 1800cinchers?

JM: 1800cinchers was born out of necessity. After having a C-section birth, I went in search of a waist reducing technique which included belly wrapping. It involved the help of 2 people wrapping a tight cloth around the belly of a new mom and the new mom keeping it on for a few hours a day, every day.


What is 1800cinchers known for?

JM: 1800cinchers is known as a hub for body contouring shapewear that helps to reduce fat naturally with time. All our products, in one shape or another; assists in weight loss and fat reduction.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

JM: I enjoy seeing the difference our products make for women, especially those who could not afford to go under the knife and want to use a more natural approach. I see our products make them happy to see realistic results.


What has been your greatest accomplishment with 1800cinchers?

JM: Our accomplishment has been to see real customers and celebrities alike say the same thing about our products. Everyone, famous or not just wants real results and that’s what we’ve been able to give.

What is your company’s philosophy?

JM: Our philosophy is to keep providing products that yield realistic results.

We believe that if you give people the right tools to help achieve their goals, they will stay motivated untill it pays off!


What is your goal with 1800cinchers over the next 5 years?

JM: In the next 5 years, we want to do what we are doing now. Shaping women and men who need a real body shaper that will not just smoothen them up but will also provide permanent results.


What is one thing that you would like people to know about this brand that they might not know?

JM: The 1800cinchers team consists of individuals who truly love what they do. We work hard every day with the question is mind. What do our customers need? That is what we live by. We work hard every day and have team meetings to make it right for our customers and give them quality products.

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