Honeysuckle 2011 Color

At the end of last year, Pantone announced the IT color of 2011 as Honeysuckle. So, I’m sure you are seeing this color everywhere! Have you been wearing it? It is hard to avoid but what if this is not your color? Maybe you don’t wear a shirt in this color but you could wear makeup or accessories with this color as an accent! I personally have lipstick and blush in this color and love it! This color will bring out your tan!


What Is The Right Length Of Dress or Skirt For You

When shopping, how do you know what is the perfect length for a dress or skirt? Some dresses or skirts are made shorter, or are they?  Actually, all fashion is made to fit a certain girl, that girl is called the “Fit Model”. Every company has a fit model as a standard for all their sizing.  From that girl’s measurement, the garments will be graded (sized) up or down to fit the different size ranges. No outfit is custom made to fit your body, that is why one garment will look so different on each body type no matter what size you are. So with that being said, how are you suppose to shop and know what length dress or skirt is going to fit your proportions? The shorter the dress or skirt then the longer your legs will look. The longer the dress or skirt then the shorter you are going to look. If you are short then try to stay away from wearing dresses or skirts that hit just below the knee, as this will make you look even shorter and make your hips wider. The opposite is true for taller people, try not to wear short dresses or short skirts if you are tall, as they will make you look like “all legs”.  The most flattering look is when your body is balanced. You will know if you are in balance when the edge of the dress or skirt hits at your middle finger. Stand straight up and make sure your arms are straight down. Wherever your middle finger hits on your thigh is the right length for you! These garments show a great example of perfect proportion.

Lela Rose – http://www.shopbop.com

Swimsuit For Your Shape

Finding the right swimsuit for your shape can be a challenge. When shopping, it is important to know your most flattering and not so flattering body features. Don’t spend hours trying on different suits because you think they look cute on the hanger. Instead only look for suits that show off your best features.

This Miraclesuit will make you look 10 lbs. lighter with this innovative Miratex® fabric with high Lycra® content. This swimsuit is designed for D-cup figures.


If you are thin and have a long torso then look for suits that break up your mid section. Either wear a bikini or wear a one piece with a long front plunge like this Asos suit.


Show off your hourglass figure by wearing a asymmetrical suit with shirring details. This Goddess Magicsuit has a underwire for bust support.


If you have a larger bust then you want to wear a suit with support.  This Old Navy halter suit is a great design because the stripes begin near the underarm and goes around the neck to give a even support. The thicker straps also take some of the focus off the larger bust and make the overall body shape more balanced.


For a smaller bust and smaller torso then wear a suit that has definition. This Nanette Lepore Lover swimsuit creates body portion to even out your smaller areas.


My FavoriteThings!

Everyone has a few things that they are obsessed with, right? Well I am majorly obsessed with these….

My Peugeot White Watch that I wear everyday, I love it!  These watches are pricey but you are able to find them online at amazon or TJ Maxx for cheaper!

Russian Red or Pink Friday Lipstick? Both are a must have! I usually wear pink during the day and red at night!  Either way, you can’t go wrong with these colors.
Mac Cosmetics- Russian Red
MAC Cosmetics- Pink Friday

I use this Mary Kay Timewise Set. These products are amazing! I have noticed such a difference in my skin. I finally have a glow to my face!  The goal is to start using anti-aging products early so you can prevent wrinkles! See link below if you are looking for a consultant.


Don’t Be Afraid To Wear Color!

It is time to bring color into your life! Maybe you wear black because you think it looks more professional or maybe you think it makes you look thinner. Well maybe some parts of those statements are true but why not try a new approach to reaching those looks that might not be so predictable and boring. Color also brings out your eyes and makes you look fresher! Who doesn’t want that?! Check out the new up and coming designer’s that are showing at the FOCUS Tradeshow.

Fall 11 by Mudan
Modesce’s contemporary line of dresses
Images by: focustradeshow.blogspot.com