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Tosha interviewed by That Working Girl!

See full interview here: http://www.thatworkinggirl.com/blog/2016/3/1/hello-working-girl-tosha-cole-clemens-pr-brand-agency


That working Girl

Interview with Sara Melissa Designs

Final New Logo

I got a chance to interview with designer Sara Melissa for some inside scoop into her world.

Sara Melissa Designs

What made you decide to start your business?

SM: Ultimately I’ve always seen it as part of my dream.    I wanted to create something that was authentic to who I am and what I stand for. Creating something that has substance and depth has always been something important for me.  I come from Nicaragua, a third world country that is scarred by 100 years of war and, as a result, is one of the poorest in the world.  That being said, there is a defining need for me to contribute something that helps others, starting my own business is a platform that gives me a chance to do that.

What is your business known for or what is unique about it?

SM: I wanted to bring forth something authentic, with lasting quality and depth, something that transcended fashion itself.  To incorporate that into my brand I came up with Yin Yang shoes.   Playing off of the Yin Yang philosophy itself.  In a nutshell; that you need darkness to see light something that you can find in most of life’s situations, a positive to balance out the negative.  I believe in this and find it powerful.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

SM: Finding inspiration is probably my favorite part because I get to travel and turn my experiences into concepts.  I really enjoy brainstorming new ideas and incorporating them into my designs.

Sara Melissa Designs 3

What has been your greatest accomplishment?

SM: This is my greatest accomplishment, having the opportunity to turn my dream into reality.

What would you say is the hardest part of growing this business is?

SM: The beginning is always hard in any business because it’s a one person circus for a long time.   You wear many hats and sometimes do things that you might not feel comfortable doing.  It’s ever changing and right now the hardest part of my job is getting people to know my work.  It’s something that doesn’t happen overnight and takes a lot of energy.

What is one thing that you would like people to know about this brand that they might not otherwise know?

SM: We donate 5% of our sales to a non- profit feminist organization that helps empower the rural women of Nicaragua.  La F.E.M. has been doing this for the past two decades by providing education, legal and moral support to the often forgotten women of the field.  It helps them become economically independent from men who, because of lack of education think that they are better than women.

How would you describe your style?

SM: Classy, fashion forward, with some quirk. It’s meant to be fun, and fresh. Fresh, meaning it’s a new point of view, my point of view. I love mixing prints colors and textures, as most designers do; however I being a fashion lover myself, I haven’t found what I’m currently working on, not with my particular swag. 🙂

Sara Melissa Designs 1

To learn more, go to: www.SaraMelissa.com


Highlights from COAST Tradeshow


Karen Bennett, the CEO of COAST recently expanded her show to Nashville.

Coast originated from a boutique hotel in Miami beach in 2007. Since then, the show has grown rapidly and now hosts four annual events in Miami. Karen foresaw the hot market in Nashville and this October showcased at the Silver Point Studio for the first time. Nashville Fashion Alliance and O’more College of Design were a few of their partners for this event.


Here are some of the designers that stood out to us



PORTmanteau 1

stowe 2








Images from the Tradeshow by: www.PattyCole.com

Highlights from Phoenix Fashion Week

Phoenix Fashion Week 4

Phoenix is not your average fashion week. Brian the director and his team are passionate about educating designers on how to successfully create and launch your brand. Fashion shows are exciting and visually stimulating but what happens after the show is what matters. Can you get your brand produced? Can you get the attention of buyers to showcase your products in their stores? Phoenix Fashion Week has worked with their designers for months to help prepare them. It is clear on the runway that these designers are ready for the spotlight! Here are some of the highlights of Phoenix Fashion week.

Charmosa Swimwear

Phoenix Fashion Week 3

Michelle Hebert

Lily V Designs

Rocky Gathercole