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The Fashion Potential

The Fashion Potential


In today’s world fashion changes at the speed of light, finding out how to navigate through those changes and adapt are critical. However, also understanding the fundamental basics is a must. For that fashionista not pursuing Fashion College, you especially need as much prepping as possible, if you want to survive and thrive.

I often here, “I’m going to start my own fashion line!” O really? Do you have knowledge in this, I ask? No, they say, “I will figure it out as I go”. Some people end up having great success while most of them don’t last past year 5. If they do survive and succeed, they are quick to tell you they made a lot of errors and had to learn the hard way. It is my passion to help save those people from making that terrible mistake!

On this mission to help save the fashion world, I came in contact with Melissa McGraw, the owner and founder of The Fashion Potential. I was instantly blown away with her knowledge of the fashion industry (as she has over 15 years’ experience working with top fashion brands).  With her experience in the industry and connections, she knew it would be a must to start sharing this knowledge with designers. So The Fashion Potential was born. Her services are perfect for those who want to touch up on their skills of what is evolving in the industry (to stay current) or if you are looking to launch a new line to stores and need help with the process.

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The Fashion Potential offers courses as well as other opportunities in order to gain the knowledge that you desire.  Trust me, you want to learn from someone who has actually been there and knows the ends and outs, not someone who just teaches a class at a university and never actually been in the field themselves.  However, Melissa also teaches at the well-known fashion university, FIT.

One aspect of the services I find very useful is the ASK The Fashion Potential. Basically, if you are not necessarily looking for an entire course, you pay to ask a question whenever you need. This is great for brands that are already in the process and need direction from an expert when unexpected things arise. I find this service very useful and well needed in the market place.

The Fashion Potential is what it means, the potential to be the best! I wanted to set down with Melissa and get more of a “behind the scenes” look into The Fashion Potential.

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What made you want to start The Fashion Potential?

MM: I started The Fashion Potential because I felt there was a void out there for emerging designers and fashion students to gain insight on how to launch their fashion brands and careers.  I didn’t necessarily have a mentor when I entered the industry and wanted to pass on what I had learned along the way!  Through my online courses, e-books, and in person workshops students will learn fashion the right way!

What is The Fashion Potentials focus?

MM: We teach DIY, indie and emerging fashion designers and students the tips and tricks for creating successful fashion brands and careers.

What subjects do you teach at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology)?

MM: I teach e-commerce and logistics to emerging designers, fashion students, professionals, and solopreneurs that want to, or are looking to launch an e-commerce website.

What would you say your “Niche” is in the fashion industry? 

MM: I have experience in all facets of the fashion industry- product development, merchandising, buying and sales.  My niche is really starting a brand from the ground up- getting it retail ready so it can get out there.  A sample is just a sample if it doesn’t get sold!

I would also have to say my other “niche” is making your way in the fashion industry and how to grow your fashion career.  I definitely can provide some insider points of view!

What are your goals for the next 5 years?

MM: I would love The Fashion Potential to be the one stop destination and resource for fashion students and emerging designers to learn how to jumpstart their fashion career or brand and learn about fashion the right way!

What product category do you enjoy working with the most?

MM: The answer to this question is two-fold for me.  I love working with students, fashion students or professionals on launching their career.  Whether it is from reviewing their resume or practicing a mock interview, I enjoy mentoring those that want to pursue a career in fashion.

I also enjoy working with emerging designers on getting their collection retail ready- whether it is via their ecommerce site, pop-up shop, or selling to boutiques.

What is your philosophy of life?

MM: My philosophy in life is that you can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.  Treat every day like a blessing!  You can’t give up!

TFP helps to launch your fashion career with invaluable advice that will put you ahead of the competition. The best advice anyone can give someone in the fashion industry is, Be Prepared! The Fashion Potential will help you do just that!

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