Finding Your Rhythm: Stelari

Finding Your Rhythm: Stelari


Life can be as simplistic or as complicated as we wish. Having that choice is the beauty of life. The freedom to be you! Whether you set your own supernatural goals, live a healthier life or travel to an unfamiliar territory, all of us have the desire to let our true selves be known.

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Fashion is the most visible way to speak to the world without having to say a word! Within just a few seconds, you can tell a lot about a person by what they are wearing. An inner reflection of an outward expression is what fashion represents. So what do you represent? Who do you support and why? We all know what we like; yet some of us do not feel comfortable enough to fully let ourselves be authentic. Let’s challenge ourselves this year to let our inner being shine through in our clothes!

Speaking of shine, Stelari is a new boho chic active wear and lifestyle brand that embodies a unique effortless style.  Stelari’s first season in active wear debuts with the “Tarot of the Bohemians” collection. Based on vintage tarot cards, the collection features eco conscious yoga tanks with a whooping recycled content of 94%!  Whether enjoying the sweat wicking lightness during your favorite yoga flow or hanging with your friends in cool, casual comfort, Stelari speaks to your inner gypsy. Stelari’s focus is on creating meaningful, wearable pieces of artwork. Each Tarot of the BohemiansCollection designis meant to symbolize your own truth. Wear it to strengthen your intention for yoga practice and for life.

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I was pleased to get a chance to interview the owner, Kim Roach on this new exciting brand.


What made you decide to start Stelari?

KR: There was never a decision to start Stelari because it always lived in my heart. I feel my most authentic and best self when I am active and creating, so it was only natural to marry the two.


Did you have a background in fashion?

KR: My undergraduate degrees are in Marketing and Finance. After graduating college I sought out to work in fashion but found it extremely difficult to break into the industry, especially in the city I was living in. I am an entrepreneur at heart and have been creating businesses since I was a child. I always knew I would create my own brand. When my kids were old enough to start pre-school I began my journey to Stelari. I basically started over – attending fashion design classes and gaining a deeper knowledge of the industry. Creating a line that embraced my love of fashion, yoga and fitness is the clearest extension of who I am at my core and the essence of my life.

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What does the word Stelari mean?

KR: Stelari is an abstract word my mind kept saying whenever I would think about life and my connection with others. When we listen to our intuition and live a conscious life that is authentic and meaningful to our unique selves, we are in the rhythm of life. This is how I strive to live my life and I want to inspire others to do the same. Stelari – find your rhythm.


What is the inspiration behind this Tarot of the Bohemians collection?

KR: This collection was inspired by the ancient wisdom and symbolism of the Tarot. I am constantly in awe and inspired at the way life and the Universe communicates with each of us, if we are conscious and quiet enough to listen. For me, the message of this collection, is the we are all our own fortune tellers and we create our destiny with every thought, word, action and non-action.  Our lives on the outside are simply a reflection of our inside.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

KR: Being creative! The early mornings are my “me” time. There is something very sacred about the creative energy of the morning- when my mind, body, and soul are refreshed and there is serenity around me. This is when I get most of my creative inspirations. It is truly one of the most fulfilling things to have a vision, to see it actualized, and to find that others connect with its meaning.


How is your brand different?

KR: Stelari is unique from other brands because the apparel we create is designed to be meaningful, functional, and fashionable. Our clothes are pieces of artwork – each design symbolizes our core values and the intention of the person wearing it.


Who is the Stelari girl?

KR: The Stelari woman believes in her own powerful being. She’s curious about life. She loves connecting with people just as much as she enjoys silent walks alone. She’s a hard worker and a fun seeker. She’s creating a purposeful life and believes all her dreams can come true.


What has been your greatest accomplishment?

KR: Striving to always follow my own truth, popular or not.

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What would you say the hardest part of growing a new business is?

KR: Balance! I have a 5 and 7 year-old, and at times it can be difficult being a mom, an entrepreneur, a yogi and a wife. Striving to balance and fulfill all my roles is a challenge that I believe we all face at one time or another. The key, I found, is to stay focused on my purpose and my intention.


What is your daily routine like?

KR: I usually wake up around 5am to enjoy a couple hours devoted to creativity and spirituality. For me, these two things are deeply intertwined. If I have a busy day of meetings, I try to get in an early morning run.  At 7am the kids wake. After getting them off to school, I drive to my favorite local yoga studio. A daily practice is sacred to me and I strive to preserve this time for myself. The rest of my day is spent working on my line, responding to emails and general business operations.  In the afternoon, I pick up my kids from school and we begin our own routine. It’s busy, but it’s exactly the life I wanted and created, and I am so thankful for it.


What’s your philosophy of life?

KR: I believe that our life’s greatest purpose is to let our soul be seen. When we connect to the deeper part of ourselves, the Universe, and each other, we can begin to shed the layers and let our most beautiful, fragile and vulnerable self be seen.

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You can see Stelari’s new collection at: Don’t forget to check out the amazing yoga towels as well!

Finding our rhythm to life looks different for everyone that is why it is your rhythm, not someone else’s. Be unique, be bold, be you!


The Fashion Potential

The Fashion Potential


In today’s world fashion changes at the speed of light, finding out how to navigate through those changes and adapt are critical. However, also understanding the fundamental basics is a must. For that fashionista not pursuing Fashion College, you especially need as much prepping as possible, if you want to survive and thrive.

I often here, “I’m going to start my own fashion line!” O really? Do you have knowledge in this, I ask? No, they say, “I will figure it out as I go”. Some people end up having great success while most of them don’t last past year 5. If they do survive and succeed, they are quick to tell you they made a lot of errors and had to learn the hard way. It is my passion to help save those people from making that terrible mistake!

On this mission to help save the fashion world, I came in contact with Melissa McGraw, the owner and founder of The Fashion Potential. I was instantly blown away with her knowledge of the fashion industry (as she has over 15 years’ experience working with top fashion brands).  With her experience in the industry and connections, she knew it would be a must to start sharing this knowledge with designers. So The Fashion Potential was born. Her services are perfect for those who want to touch up on their skills of what is evolving in the industry (to stay current) or if you are looking to launch a new line to stores and need help with the process.

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The Fashion Potential offers courses as well as other opportunities in order to gain the knowledge that you desire.  Trust me, you want to learn from someone who has actually been there and knows the ends and outs, not someone who just teaches a class at a university and never actually been in the field themselves.  However, Melissa also teaches at the well-known fashion university, FIT.

One aspect of the services I find very useful is the ASK The Fashion Potential. Basically, if you are not necessarily looking for an entire course, you pay to ask a question whenever you need. This is great for brands that are already in the process and need direction from an expert when unexpected things arise. I find this service very useful and well needed in the market place.

The Fashion Potential is what it means, the potential to be the best! I wanted to set down with Melissa and get more of a “behind the scenes” look into The Fashion Potential.

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What made you want to start The Fashion Potential?

MM: I started The Fashion Potential because I felt there was a void out there for emerging designers and fashion students to gain insight on how to launch their fashion brands and careers.  I didn’t necessarily have a mentor when I entered the industry and wanted to pass on what I had learned along the way!  Through my online courses, e-books, and in person workshops students will learn fashion the right way!

What is The Fashion Potentials focus?

MM: We teach DIY, indie and emerging fashion designers and students the tips and tricks for creating successful fashion brands and careers.

What subjects do you teach at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology)?

MM: I teach e-commerce and logistics to emerging designers, fashion students, professionals, and solopreneurs that want to, or are looking to launch an e-commerce website.

What would you say your “Niche” is in the fashion industry? 

MM: I have experience in all facets of the fashion industry- product development, merchandising, buying and sales.  My niche is really starting a brand from the ground up- getting it retail ready so it can get out there.  A sample is just a sample if it doesn’t get sold!

I would also have to say my other “niche” is making your way in the fashion industry and how to grow your fashion career.  I definitely can provide some insider points of view!

What are your goals for the next 5 years?

MM: I would love The Fashion Potential to be the one stop destination and resource for fashion students and emerging designers to learn how to jumpstart their fashion career or brand and learn about fashion the right way!

What product category do you enjoy working with the most?

MM: The answer to this question is two-fold for me.  I love working with students, fashion students or professionals on launching their career.  Whether it is from reviewing their resume or practicing a mock interview, I enjoy mentoring those that want to pursue a career in fashion.

I also enjoy working with emerging designers on getting their collection retail ready- whether it is via their ecommerce site, pop-up shop, or selling to boutiques.

What is your philosophy of life?

MM: My philosophy in life is that you can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.  Treat every day like a blessing!  You can’t give up!

TFP helps to launch your fashion career with invaluable advice that will put you ahead of the competition. The best advice anyone can give someone in the fashion industry is, Be Prepared! The Fashion Potential will help you do just that!

To learn more, go to:

Sapphire Dawn Jewelry

Sapphire Dawn Jewelry

I have always been such a fan of jewelry. Taking a boring outfit and giving it a new breath of fresh air is what jewelry does! Retail buyers are constantly on the lookout for upcoming brands to offer to their customers. Sapphire Dawn is a wholesale brand that caters to that eager buyer! Let’s learn more about this brand from the owner, Chanel Miller.


Chanel Miller

What made you decide to start your company? 

Passion for people and the desire to work in a purpose driven company that is geared to contribute positively to our world and make a difference. My vision was to empower previously unemployed people and offer them an opportunity for skill development with the hope of restoring their dignity and assisting them to support their families.

What is your company known for or what is unique about it?

 Our mission is to bring back Hope and Dignity to previously unemployed people. We wish to distribute exceptionally beautifully hand crafted Jewelry to gifts shop and boutiques, and develop awareness and support for ethically traded products. All jewelry is not mass produced, we carry limited numbers per design. Each item is a piece of art to be treasured by customers who wear them. We want clients to feel they have stock that is something different to what is found in chain stores.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

 I’ve always had a passion for jewelry design, but never realized I would love teaching and training as much as I do. I would most certainly say that imparting of skills and knowledge to my team of previously disadvantaged women is the most rewarding part of my job.

What has been your greatest accomplishment? 

We had the great privilege of designing a necklace for Celine Dion while she was performing in Las Vegas at her show.

What would you say the hardest part of growing this business is?

 Our greatest challenge is to find Sales Representatives who are equally passionate about our cause and can ignite the same passion with store owners who wish to carry our line.

What is your daily routine like? 

We are tremendously busy and as a ‘women only team’ we have fully mastered the art of multi-tasking. The girls not only manufacture, quality control, manage and dispatch stock, they also check our social media accounts to keep in touch with our fans and followers online on a daily basis.

What is your philosophy of life?

 I believe the answer to happiness is seeking your purpose and using your talents in the area you are most passionate about. Life is an opportunity to fulfill our purpose, master skills, and ultimately to leave a legacy that contributes positively to our world.

What is your goal over the next 5 years?

 We are looking for independent Sales Representatives to carry our line in all 52 States in the USA

What is one thing that you would like people to know about this brand that they might not otherwise know? 

Our name Sapphire Dawn has a special meaning to us. The symbolism of the Sapphire is “The Fulfillment of Dreams” and “Dawn” symbolizes “New Beginnings”. By purchasing our Jewelry and Gifts, you can contribute to Fulfilling the Dreams of our Team and making New Beginnings in their lives possible.


I have this necklace from the brand and love it!

To learn more:

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