Monday Moment’s Inside: DollFace

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Company/Owner Name: Venus Hurst

Owner Background Summary: 

I started an employment agency “Venus Staffing” about 11years ago. I started off staffing trade show models and expanded by staffing construction workers, laborers, and customer service representative, Food&Beverage Servers etc. I had a vision to start my own line of products for women to enjoy and I came up with Doll Face Brand

How did you start your company? 

It first starts with a vision and determination

What is your company about?

Doll Face Brand creates products to make women of all ages feel great about themselves

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What are the best and worst things about being a business owner? 

Being the Boss is awesome.  Keeping people excited about your brand is the name of the game and always the biggest challenge.

What are the things you like most about your career?

Meeting new people and hearing someone tell me that I inspire them and that they enjoy my brand or product

What are some of your top sources of inspiration? 

My son, successful businesswomen such as Oprah, Kathy Ireland, Sara Blakely and I admire Hillary Clinton for her courageous ambition

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What is a typical day like?

Being a Mom is 1st and everyday I think of ways to better the brand and put those ideas into action

What are some of your greatest accomplishments?

Having my son, working with Sony Pictures was awesome and encouraging others to empower themselves by going after there dreams.

What’s your philosophy of life? 

My Dad would always say Don’t talk about it Do it.

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PARIS Fashion Week: S/S14 Agnes B

Agnes B
A simplistic way of life is reflected in the casual attire presented on the runway. Lady-like as well as masculine pieces are arranged together to form an unmatched assortment of pure confusion. Different patterns and a range of neutrals,  add to the difficulty in understanding the theme behind this collection. However, the relaxed fit of the flowing skirts and trousers make it comfortable to wear out on a sunny day.


agnes-b-spring-summer-2014-pfw13 agnes-b-spring-summer-2014-pfw7 agnes-b-spring-summer-2014-pfw2 agnes-b-spring-summer-2014-pfw11



Tosha’s Leopard Print Affair

Lately I have been loving printed pants…whether it’s printed jeans or leggings..I love them! Today I’m showing how you can mix black and brown together. No rules when it comes to fashion! I’ve accented the look with a orange headband to bring in some color!

Tosha Cole Clemens 2

Tosha Cole Clemens 1Tosha Cole Clemens 3 Tosha Cole Clemens 4 Tosha Cole Clemens



LAFW Design Competition!


As part of its worldwide activities to support creativity in the fashion sector, the Los Angeles Design competition is launching their first edition of Competitions for Young Fashion Designers.
LAFWDC is a platform for creative minds and emerging designers.  It was created to give exposure, visibility, support, and a voice to emerging talent from around the world.Some of fashions notable insiders have been asked to select 10 finalists.
These finalists will be given their very own runway show in Los Angeles.  The prestigious panel of judges will decide the winner from the 10 finalists during the runway show.  The winner will be announced at the completion of the show; they will receive a $1,000 cash award, and a 4-page spread in Nickii Jean Magazine.
The Los Angeles Fashion Week (LAFW) Design competition is honored to have celebrity Designer Dom Streater, winner of the season 12 competition of Project Runway.  She will be featuring her latest collection as well as being apart of our judging panel.

Monday Moment’s Inside: Fig Tree Jewelry

Fig Tree Jewelry- vibrant, feminine, unique.

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Jewelry has a way of taping into our emotions. It reflects a sense of who we are, what we represent or who we want to become. Whether jewelry is embodying a personal meaning or entertaining a self-expression of our current mood, we all smile inside when we see that piece that captivates our attention.

IMG_4655 (2)

In just two short years, Fig Tree Jewelry has resonated in the hearts of many women in different parts of the United States, Japan and Spain. Not only are women in awe with the unique handmade designs, they are also intrigued by the delicate vintage pieces used to create the outstanding masterpieces. Each item offers a mix of vibrant semi-precious stones and magnificent exclusive pendants that reproduce an overall boho-chic vibe.

IMG_4429 (2)

Exceptional craftsmanship is no understatement for this brand; they are determined to go above and beyond to offer the best materials possible. The primary metals used are gold filled and sterling silver handcrafted in the USA with customary jewelry making techniques, making the collection exude utter perfection.

IMG_4626 (2)

Fig Tree Jewelry stands out for providing women great accessories while also giving back to the community. Brands that offer their clients a voice to speak on their behalf is undeniably rewarding.  Fig Tree Jewelry partners with the Somaly Mam Foundation by donating 3% of their profits to help against this movement of human trafficking. By wearing a piece from this collection, we can help this planet be a safer place and look good while doing it!


Let’s get to know the designer behind this brand, Sarah Austin

Why did you start your company? 

SA: We wanted to create a brand that has a light hearted bohemian spirit, inspired by both nature and amazing women in our lives.


What other products do you offer?

SA: We also carry a Fig Tree Jewelry Boutique Line which is made up of unique boutique pendants, earrings, and bracelets, handbags & clutches all at attainable prices.


            What is your mission as a brand?

            SA: Fig Tree Jewelry has one simple mission in mind: to inspire sharing and happiness

            through beauty and unique jewelry design.


What are some of your top sources of inspiration?

SA: Bohemian, Free People, Anthropologie,

 IMG_4846 (2)

To see more of this flourishing brand, go to


Photos: Cesca McKibben
MU/Hair: Stephanie Puleio
Stylist: Patty Minichiello
Models: Jennifer Beile & Whitney Heleker



“What is Love” music video by Lauren Mayhew

Behind the making of “What is Love” music video by Lauren Mayhew

IMG_0111 (2)

Lauren Mayhew, Uriah Faber, and Andre Fili deliver a KNOCKOUT with “What is Love”

The cinematic music video adds a modern twist to the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet. Mayhew finds herself torn between rival gangs. Not Capulets or Montegues. Instead, the action-packed music video features rival MMA fight teams.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 10.41.19 AM (2)



Lauren Mayhew and Uriah Faber

LaurenMayhew1 (2)

Who is Lauren Mayhew?

When you’ve been a member of a pop rock band that toured with Britney Spears, Aerosmith, and Destiny’s Child (to name just three), interviewed Hollywood’s best and most famous entertainers on a nationally-syndicated TV show (Access Hollywood), and starred in one of the most wildly successful comedy movie franchises of all-time (American Pie), where do you go from there? For multi-faceted and multi-talented LAUREN MAYHEW, the answer lies in a single word – UP.

LAUREN MAYHEW has starred in “Raise Your Voice” – New Line Cinema, “CSI,” “CSI: Miami,” “Law and Order,” “Joan of Arcadia,” “Frat Party” – Showtime, and recurred on NBC’s “American Dreams” to list a few of her impressive credits.

Lauren has also hosted major network TV shows such as NBC’s “Access Hollywood” and The N Network’s “Real Access.” In addition, Miss Mayhew has hosted for numerous awards shows and live events such as the American music Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. Lauren is active in the charity sector as well, and has been a main spokeswoman and host for the Phoenix House Celebrity Charity Gala for over 5 years now. This organization raises money to rehabilitate our youth who have taken the wrong path with substance abuse.

One of her most recent stints was as the Ring Announcer and National Anthem singer for all the network fights for the WWE where she traveled the world and was exposed to MILLIONS of viewers on Syfy and MyNetworkTV.

In the musical dance trend that is sweeping the world’s airwaves, MAYHEM makes her own original stamp by combining her raspy voice with ‘all the rage’ Dance/Electronic beats. She takes these infectious driving dance beats that would rock out any club, and drenches them with the edgy rock ’n’ roll riffs to add a SIGNATURE SASS all her own.

MAYHEM toured Japan, Dubai, and various states in the US last year to enthusiastic, packed crowds. In her most recent Japan stint she was featured on FOX NEWS International and in many magazines and radio stations. In Dubai, MAYHEM is the muse of haute couture designer, Stephanie Villarreal, and will appear in numerous Dubai magazines wearing her designs during her performance at premiere supper club/nightclub: OKKU.

Lauren Mayhew2 (2)

I got a chance to sit down with Lauren to get a glimpse into her life as a performer and also a behind the scenes look into filming her new music video “What is Love.”

How did you get started in this business?

I got started in the entertainment industry when I was about 10 years old and got the opportunity to star in Broadway’s musical, “Showboat,” however television came knocking as I got a simultaneous opportunity to star as a series regular in the PBS kids TV show, “The Reppies.”

Shortly after that I won a Wilhelmina talent contest in Florida and in the Southeast and was flown out to NYC where I met my New York theatrical manager and talent agent. I ended up booking a series regular role on a soap opera, “Guiding Light,” and continued to follow my dreams from there.


What inspires your music?

I write all of my own music. I get inspired by events that happen around me and in my own life.  I am most moved by melodies, so I usually start with a concept in my head that the track makes me feel and simply start singing along. I know when I get a melody that works because it sticks in my head and weaves with the music to create something memorable and special.


How would you describe your music style?

My music is electronic dance music or electro-pop, but it is fused with gritty synths and hooky guitar riffs, which I think separate it from the rest. The overall vibe and lyrical theme of my songs are focused more on the bigger picture. The tone and intention is more in the vein of a Lana Del Rey or Zedd than of a Kesha or Britney Spears.

How would you express your love for music?

Singing is a release. It’s an exploration into the soul and an emotional outlet. I feel like it’s the truest version of me when I am out on a stage in front of a crowd singing something that came from real life. There is nothing more vulnerable, raw, powerful, or inspiring than connecting with other people with something you created.

Tell us about your new music video.

This upcoming music video is exciting for so many reasons. First, it’s for my song “What Is Love,” which I feel is such a strong record, and is so fun to let loose and dance to.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 10.57.35 AM (2)

Second, I shot this video with 10 MMA fighters including some of the biggest names from UFC such as Urijah Faber and Andre Fili. The storyline of this video is a modern day version of Romeo and Juliet where the two different ‘families’ and composed of two opposing ‘fight crews’ of the most baddass MMA fighters. I trained myself so that I could keep up with them and we not only shot in two gorgeous and gritty boxing gyms such as Prevail and Trinity Boxing Gym in Los Angeles, but we also shot for a full day out in Hungry valley in the desert. Except close up beauty shots, but also expect cinematic action shots filmed in slow-motion on the Red Epic.


Who was your wardrobe in the video?

What I wore in the video was Elisabetta Rogiani (designer workout brand), H&M, Forever 21, and Torque (Urijah Faber’s MMA brand). Styling by JRPros.


FULL LENGTH video releases Friday, April 4th on

Puritas, official hydration sponsor for Lauren Mayhew.

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Fashion Brand: YAL New York


bannerlong02 (2)

Shopping can be exhausting. Waiting in lines, feeling overwhelmed by all the choices in the store and not really knowing what you are looking for. Does this ever sound like a situation you have had? I’m sure we all have experienced it a time or two. Even with all the frustrating emotions, we still love to shop! Why is that? Well I believe women are driven by the pleasure we receive when we step into that perfect dress. An inner confidence arises in us that catapult us into another planet. Fashion has a way of exuding an ideal lifestyle that provokes our attention.

114050_Wht (3)

For the last 2 years, YAL New York has been captivating the world by the undeniable luxurious fabrics they offer. Yarns that are soft to the touch and appealing to the eye are shown consistent throughout this collection. YAL makes every woman feel empowered by providing a wide selection of innovated designs with a range of classy comfortable silhouettes. YAL is offered in more than 1500 boutiques around the globe. What once started in New York has now spread to corporate offices in Israel and New York.

K427_WHT (2)

Even though excellent quality is the driving force behind this brand, the attention to detail is incredible. Clean lines with a stroke of ordinate ruffles mixed together to finish the look beautifully.


Color and patterns are used sporadically to engage intentness on design. Different variations of fabrics are infused to create a 3D effect in the silhouettes.



Let’s get to know the creator behind this outstanding collection. We interviewed the CEO, Teddy Kafif.

                        How did you decide on the brand name, YAL New York?

                        TK: YAL New York was named after my fiancé’ Ayala “YAL” Nahum.

What is your goal for this company?

TK: Our goal was to create modest elegant looks for women to look their best at an affordable price.

What organizations do you partner with?

TK: YAL has worked with many charitable organizations like “Chabad” to help dress the needy young girls and “keren tzlach” that offers free clothing to young brides who cannot afford the simple clothing for their happy occasions.

walk (2)

It is impressive to see a brand that goes beyond the clothing rack and gives back to the community. By wearing YAL New York, not only are you going to feel confident on the inside, you can also be confident knowing that you are helping make a difference in someone else’s life!

To see more of this brand, go to