Lauren Mayhew making “Black Widow” music video

Our client, Lauren Mayhew at the Tosha Cole Clemens PR & Brand Agency is excited to release her new music video! Fig Tree Jewelry was the proud sponsor of the video and you can see their wonderful jewelry pieces represented! Click below to see the video!


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Tosha’s Black and White Mirage

Using accessories to add flavor to your outfit!

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Photo Credits: Patty Cole


Tuesday Treasures: Aeveka Face Wash

Another one of our daily must haves!  I use this product morning and night! Now that I am 30, I am seeing the importance of taking care of your body and skin ….by providing your body with the best products possible. Aeveka Face Wash is 100% organic, vegan  and chemical free! Get the August price special while you can!




Monday Moments Inside: Good For You Goods

How did you start your company?The business originally started in an accidental way.  I had made some life-changing decisions about my career, a divorce and made a move to the Nashville, TN area not long before the market crash of 2008.  I made a decision to go into real estate at that time, only to be affected by the economic downturn in 2008.  A very good friend was running a successful online business and encouraged me to fall back on my creative side and my love of fashion and begin to sell online.  At that time, she was selling on Ebay and had an Ebay store.  I honestly thought it was crazy and odd.  Selling clothes online??  Really?  I also thought Ebay was an unknown at that time, but I was definitely proven wrong.  It was about that time when I started to dabble with selling online.  It started out little and very part-time for a few years and then really grew.

The store has really grown since then with over 300 new and unique designer pieces added each month in our store, and I now have a business partner, Michelle, at Goodforyougoods.  Michelle is a buyer for our business, and she has over two decades of retail and sales experience, having had her own successful line of clothing for many years.

What is your company about?My business partner and I sell gently preloved and to be loved new with tags designer women’s clothing in our Ebay Store at, from 0 to 5x.

Goodforyougoods is really about the things we love and are good for us — is initially how I thought of it when creating the name.  I took my love of thrift shopping in Los Angeles and Hollywood as a kid and transformed that to others.  My mother was a entertainment executive when I was growing up and an antiques dealer on the side, which was her passion.  Every weekend, she took me to estate and garage sales around Los Angeles and our neighborhood.  It became fun looking for the gems and treasures out there.  I was hooked then and it’s never left me.

There is nothing like finding that unique designer dress or vintage piece that is sold and loved by someone else.  It’s great to know that the buyer finds value in that find and that it gives them joy as well as I find clothing to be another creative expression.

What are the best and worst things about being a business owner?
There are a lot of wonderful things about owning your own business.  I get to be creative and map out the road of my future and plan things out how they work for me.  I’ve often been able to give others opportunities they may have not otherwise had, because I am a business owner.  I get great satisfaction in my work, and I think that is an essential thing for me to keep me interested and motivated.Worst things are probably true of any business.  There will be up and downs, wrong turns, happy and unhappy customers, customers you just can’t satisfy, unexpected events.  That’s life.  Keep moving forward.  There is hard work when building anything, and you have to remember that in the rough times, the times of learning and growing.

What are the things you like most about your career?The creativity and the freedom of the online setting.  This is such a new way to make a living for some of us, but it allows me the ability to travel as a business owner and run the business from several locations.  I also can break up my day and structure it around my personal life, which I think is so important for people these days.  Also, I am no longer stuck in or battling traffic to make my living.  A big plus for me, as I can plan out when I choose to get on the freeway.  (If you are from Los Angeles, believe me, you get this.)

I also love the fact that we are selling beautiful recycled clothing as well as new.  It’s important to be aware of our resources, the products we use, and be as responsible as we can when making our carbon footprint in our lives.  Buying pre-loved clothing is a way of doing that.

What are some of your top sources of inspiration?
I draw from so many sources and I always have as a business owner.  I am constantly reading about the guy who started in his garage and now has 130 employees, a warehouse and is selling all over the world.  Those stories keep me motivated, and I draw upon their business dos and don’ts.I also draw upon people who have had great success, but also failures, because it teaches me to continue to try and be bold.  How can we succeed without some failure, right?  We’re all on this journey.

In the designer world, I am inspired by so many.  I am a great lover of the colorful and “out there” Betsey Johnson, the edgy Jean Paul Gaultier, the Americana and classical side of Ralph Lauren.  I love anything from Sundance, Robert Redford’s company, because that style is so me – bohemian, earthy American West feel.  Diane Von Furstenberg also reminds you that you are a woman with her beautiful wrap dresses.  I love this era right now where there are so many new designers coming up in L.A.  It’s really fun to see what’s out there now.  I’m also a big fan of designers doing beautiful plus size clothing now, and we make sure that market is offered in our store.  We come in all shapes and sizes, you know?

Probably my favorite designer is Coco Chanel.  Her designs are classic and handed down.  Her life was also very amazing and inspiring.

What is a typical day like?A typical day at Goodforyougoods involves many different stages from purchasing inventory to getting it launched online, sold then packaged and shipped.  From going over the inventory to go online for the following week to working with our listing and prep department to customer service.    We also do a lot of weekly analytics about what people are buying, social media, as well as marketing for the business.  We are also planning our own line of clothing for next year.  So, every day is busy with wearing a lot of hats for the whole staff.

What are some of your greatest accomplishments?In my other career, I have actually made some real life-changing differences for people.  That work was more analytical and you often worked under pressure, a deadline and/or helping a client get through a stressful event.   With that work, I feel that some of my greatest accomplishments came from whenever I have made a positive impact or provided real change for someone.  That’s a wonderful feeling.

In this work, it’s more about the little things for me.  I get feedback and emails all the time about how that one-of-a-kind dress or blouse, etc., was perfect for that special occasion in their life.  I feel like we are providing a little happiness to someone’s life with how they represent themselves to the world and see themselves with that piece of clothing.  Clothing is another way to express ourselves.  I know how I feel when I get on my Frye boots in the fall.  Love that feeling!

What’s your philosophy of life?For me — regarding your work — do something you feel good and passionate about, because you are going to spend a lot of your life at work.  Also, have integrity and a moral code when doing business, just as you would outside of work.  Look for opportunities to serve God’s purpose through your work and in your life, because this is what it’s all about.  Don’t be afraid to fall down and get dirty.  Take some chances.  It’s okay to get messy sometimes.  We’re all on this journey together.  Finally, try very hard to take the high road in business and in life.  You may be very right in a situation, but people really do appreciate that, and you find that adversity and obstacles lift much faster when you do.  You can then move forward in life and onto living.  That last one has been the hardest for me but really valuable.  I’ve had periods in my life where I got stuck being angry or upset, which can be wasteful and bad for your health.  Of course, life can be full of challenges, but we can sure keep ourselves stuck longer in a difficult situation sometimes.

Clothing is a inspiration and that is what Good For You Goods is all about! Creating opportunities for people to have one of a kind experiences!


Who Made “The A List” This Week?

We here at the Tosha Cole Clemens PR & Brand Agency is excited to see our clients, bstrd jewelry and Aeveka Skincare make The A List this week! See more at the link below:





Some of our favorite pieces are these stunning ‘Body Chains‘, ‘Amulet Hand Chains‘, necklaces and delicate earrings from these two charismatic, “artistes and bon vivants”.  Let the layering begin.


The right skincare is such a personal quest.  Often the big beauty companies don’t take into account those that need a more natural, pure approach.  When one A-Lister asked us where she might turn for a simpler approach to beauty – we told her to take a look here.