Monday Moment’s Inside: Zerxza


Name and Blog Name:  

I’m Epp-Maria and my blog is called Zerxza (or Zerxzastyle ,  that would be the blog’s address:


Tell us a little bit about your background:

I’m a 20-year-old fashion lover and I grew up in Estonia that is a little country in Northern-Europe. My childhood has been one big bumpy ride – I grew up with my grandparents that were very controlling and old-fashioned so I was kept away from everything trendy, I couldn’t wear skirts/dresses, high heels, make-up, revealing tops, pretty much nothing. Deep down however I always loved fashion and envied the girls who could wear heels and make-up .. when I moved away from home after high school I finally got the chance to express myself and be the way I am – no more holding back! Also I met my boyfriend in high school and he has changed me a lot more confident about the way I am. Thanks to him I’m much more certain about what I do and I have to thank him for being the way I am right now!

How did you start your blog and why?

I’ve always loved blogging and writing down my thoughts – as a child I used to have diaries all the time or I just wrote short stories in the notebooks. When I got older and had a computer I blogged about my personal life but then due to life changes I stopped that. After moving away from home and being able to be free in terms of my appearance, the blog was kind of a “natural” thing to move to – somehow one day my boyfriend told me he’d like to take pictures of my outfit and there it started. We had no idea what we were doing but finding a reason and possibility to share my views in fashion was a big deal for me!

What is your bog about?

Let’s say my blog has a little bit of everything in it – it has been focused mainly on my personal style that I hope people find somewhat inspiring but besides that I’m trying to concentrate more on the fashion journalism part and write about different trends about my blog: like what’s in this season, what are celebs wearing etc. One popular section that is rather new in my blog is “Fashion rant” that means I write about some controversial trends in my blog from this funny/sarcastic perspective. People love to read articles that aren’t sugar-coated!


What are the best and worst things about being a blogger?

Thanks to the blog I’ve got some great possibilities. First of all, what’s the biggest plus in blogging for me is the confidence and energy-boost it gives! If you are tired and don’t want to go out but you know there are people who want to read your articles and see updates from you, you just have to push yourself – blogging means you won’t have those sloth-moments and you are always motivated to keep going. Also, seeing pretty pictures taken of you, you just can’t help but feel very good about you! Now on the business side thanks to blogging I’ve met some great people and that is only priceless. But on the worst side I can’t really say there is anything. Yes of course there are negative/hurtful comments but it just makes you stronger as a person and I wouldn’t say it’s that worse. If you make it a positive experience, there is nothing bad that can happen!

What are the things you like most about your career?

I’m not that sure I can call blogging a career right now because I still need a day job to “pay the bills”. However, I definitely hope one day it will be a genuine career because the thrill blogging gives is amazing – the shooting, the events, the people – it’s all once-in-a-lifetime feeling!


What are some of your top sources of inspiration?

I always love to say that inspiration is everywhere – you can find inspiration from the streets, from the surrounding you have (like seeing a very beautiful park and wanting to take pictures exactly there), but of course brands and other bloggers are a great influence. So overall I just like to keep my eyes opened in case a flash of inspiration passes by 😉

What is a typical day like?

All days are rather different but the most common one starts with morning coffee and a little breakfast that is sided by scrolling through my blogroll – I want to keep an eye on what’s going on in blogging world, what are other bloggers up to and what’s going on in fashion overall! Then we’re usually off to the city for some meetings (if we have any on that day) and then going to prepare the post by taking the photos for articles. In the evening I finish the post by editing pictures etc. It can all vary a lot but these are the basics of my days!


What are some of your greatest accomplishments?

I wouldn’t say I have particular accomplishments since I’m still really growing my blog – it’s rather young and I try to be active with writing nice, informative articles. However, for me a great thing was achieving over 500 fans very rapidly and having some brands collaborating already. I only hope to grow it bigger every day!

What would be your advice to someone wanting to start a blog?

I’d say go for it! The only thing that can stop you is yourself by setting boundaries but if once you step out of those borders, you’ll be able to do great things! Blogging needs passion and commitment because it’s no secret blogging will become your life! It can consume your days like you can’t imagine so you have to be ready for that challenge. If you have the passion and thrive towards something, then just go for it J Everything else will come on the way!

What’s your philosophy of life?

My philosophy, if so called, is a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson : “Wins the one who believes in winning”. If you believe in achieving something or if you simply believe in yourself, everything can become real! Be bold, be confident and smile!