VEGAN is HOT in 2016

What’s the it VEGAN product of 2016? LaBosh!

LaBosh Coffee Body Scrub is gaining rapid attention by Magazines and Bloggers

Who knew Coffee was such a hidden beauty secret? The cat is out of the bag!

By: Joe Clemens


LaBosh- Vegan Coffee Scrub

Skincare for a Cause

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Am I the only one that gets both excited and overwhelmed as I’m gazing through the beauty isles of my favorite store? I can’t be the only one that gets the urge to buy every single product. As you can probably tell, I am a lover of all things beauty, whether it be makeup, lotion, perfume, soaps or scrubs, I’m all about it. However, we have so many products thrown in our face that it’s hard to decide which one is right for us. Over the years, I have learned to do my own research to figure out what things I prefer in a beauty or skincare product. It’s important to have an idea of what you want before you head into the vast jungle of products and advertisements.


I recently came across a new body scrub by the brand LaBosh, and thought I would try it out. I had been looking for a new beauty product that would both exfoliate and moisturize my skin. Since I have sensitive skin, a product that can do both of those things and still not irritate my skin is hard to find. The different ingredients that the scrub was made out of intrigued me. The main ingredients are sea salt, avocado oil and coffee. Coffee scrubs are known to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and wrinkles. Several of these, I struggle with. On top of that, it is a natural, which is something that I always look for in a skincare product. It is also paraben free and vegan. As an animal lover, this caught my attention. I was excited to go home and exfoliate my skin with this new scrub. While I was in the shower, I applied the scrub to my trouble areas, which include my thighs and my backside. I started gently massaging the scrub onto my skin in a circular motion, like the directions said. I could immediately feel my skin awaken. For all you coffee lovers, the smell of the scrub was delicious, especially in the hot shower. After a few minutes, I rinsed it off and right away I could feel that my skin was remarkably smoother and more firm. I was blown away by the results. The next day, I couldn’t wait to take a nice warm bubble bath and try out the scrub on my feet.


Not only does LaBosh care about what goes on your skin, they also care about helping women in other ways. Portions of their profits are donated to A-21, a non-profit organization that helps women that have been sold into human trafficking be reunited with their loved ones. Beauty products that benefit a cause are beauty products that I am happy to buy.


I was able to ask the owner a few questions about LaBosh and their new Coffee Body Scrub.


What made you decide to get into the beauty business?


The decision to start offering body care products started with the frustration of seeing products on the market that are packed with harmful chemicals. We have a passion to educate the consumers on the importance of using natural ingredients.


Why did you pick a coffee scrub as your first product?


We are coffee lovers! We drink it every day! We started researching the benefits of coffee when applied topically, that is when we knew we had to do something with coffee.  Exfoliating is great for our skin. When you put coffee and salt together, amazing things happen!


What does the name La Bosh mean?


We created the name to embody our passion to Live Bold.


What makes your product stand out from the competitor’s?


Our scrub is vegan, natural, paraben free and formulated in the USA.


What is your plan to expand LaBosh?


We currently have the Coffee Scrub and plan to expand our body care assortment to offer an array of different natural products soon! We also plan to expand into natural make-up. We have a lot of exciting things coming up!


What is one thing you would like your customers to know about LaBosh?


Giving back is important to us. We have partnered with the A21 organization to help combat Human Trafficking in our world today.  We donate a portion of our earnings and with each product sold; customers are helping us fight this epidemic.


What would be one piece of advice that you would share with people who would like to start their own brand?


Anything is possible with a little research and passion.  Set a goal and then work backwards to set daily goals that will lead you to your main goal. Push through your fears, once we do that then we realize we can do anything. Those that are ok with the thought of failure are the ones that succeed in life!


Live bold and confidently with LaBosh skincare products.

LaBosh Coffee Scrub Love Coffee

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Article by:  Teagan Montgomery

Fashion and Beauty Journalist


Jordan Naturals- Bretanna Witch Hazel

I attended the Expo West event in Orange Co a few months ago.The event is a trade-show for the natural product industry. They have a wide range of different type products. I was primarily focused on the beauty industry. I came across the Jordan Naturals brand and fell in love! I have been using the Bretanna Witch Hazel products (face and body toner) and can’t believe how great my skin feels.

Witch Hazel

I have started with the Rose Hip Seed & Aloe because I have had ache prone skin since a teenager. My skin has been clear for awhile but I get breakouts from time to time. I also have scars from the years of damage. I must say, from using this product, my scars are fading and my skin looks even toned. Not only do I love the results from this product but I love the fact that it is all natural and good for my skin. It is infused with Vitamins and helps balance skin’s Ph level. I apply evenly to my face and neck with a cotton pad before I go to bed at night. I have found that the aroma of the products are relaxing and helps me fall asleep better, which is a added bonus!


I am looking forward to trying the other scents as well!  If you are searching for a natural product to moisturize, tone, clean and hydrate your skin…Jordan Naturals Bretanna Witch Hazel Toner is it!

Go to:


Tuesday Treasures: Aeveka Face Wash

Another one of our daily must haves!  I use this product morning and night! Now that I am 30, I am seeing the importance of taking care of your body and skin ….by providing your body with the best products possible. Aeveka Face Wash is 100% organic, vegan  and chemical free! Get the August price special while you can!