Highlights from COAST Tradeshow


Karen Bennett, the CEO of COAST recently expanded her show to Nashville.

Coast originated from a boutique hotel in Miami beach in 2007. Since then, the show has grown rapidly and now hosts four annual events in Miami. Karen foresaw the hot market in Nashville and this October showcased at the Silver Point Studio for the first time. Nashville Fashion Alliance and O’more College of Design were a few of their partners for this event.


Here are some of the designers that stood out to us



PORTmanteau 1

stowe 2








Images from the Tradeshow by: www.PattyCole.com


Photographer Spotlight: Shauna Lynn Holman

Today I am showcasing a dear friend as well as a talented Nashville based Photographer, Shauna Lynn Holman. She took some photos of me downtown as well as bass player Dave Fowler and Pop, Fashion, Sport casting producer Patty Cole.  Let’s learn more about Shauna


Shauna Lynn Holman

Tell us a little about you: 

I was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. I was a college athlete at Cumberland University as a member of the volleyball team.

How did you start in photography? 

I started in photography when I was a little girl. I hate to show my age, but I always thought it was necessary to have a disposable camera with me. I have so many priceless pictures from childhood because I thought it was very important to document life. I am thankful that my parents were supportive of this even when I was a young child. My professional career began when I was 18 years old. I was a college athlete and wanted to make some money doing something that I enjoyed while being a part of a collegiate team.

What is your photography niche or preferred clientele?

This is tough to answer as a photographer and an artist. I think that if you are blessed with talent and ability, it is your duty and your job to share your gift with others. I didn’t have a set plan when I started my professional career. I am a romantic and always have been, so I think that I was eventually going to become a part of the wedding industry and that is where my career began to take off. I love everything about love and am honored to document it for others. I have a different eye than most and love capturing people or events from a different perspective. There are so many beautiful aspects of life and events that I feel like get overlooked all too often. I love photographing people in their element or during a monumental life event as well. There is nothing more rewarding. The “pressure” of those moments is what I live for.

Shauna Lynn Photography © 2014

What are the best and worst things about being a photographer? 

I remember as a child, having a strong desire to be “artistic” and “creative.” I went to a college preparatory school, and was in the company of some phenomenal artists. The best part of being a photographer is being able to express myself. I have ALWAYS seen life in a completely different perspective than anyone around me and am thankful to have an outlet to express that and to document life in a different way. There is not really a “worst” part of the job, but if I had to say something, I would say that being in business for yourself means that you are always running a business. You cannot go on vacation from being a photographer. When you travel, you want to document it. You want to capture moments of your family and use your camera for fun.


Dave and Patty

Dave and Patty



What are the things you like most about your career?

I adore people and always have. I live for making people feel beautiful and for being the person they choose to document the precious moments of life they are living. Making someone feel beautiful and comfortable in front of my camera is the absolute best feeling ever.

What are some of your top sources of inspiration? 

Humans of New York

Jeremy Cowart

Annie Leibovitz

 Shauna Lynn Photography © 2014

What is a typical day like?

Photo shoot days start the evening before. I am usually too excited to get a lot of rest so I spend a good amount of time packing and charging my equipment and planning for the session. The session is always a lot of fun and usually ends up feeling like old friends hanging out.

What are some of your greatest accomplishments?

I think that my undergraduate and graduate degrees would be on the top of my list. I think professionally, starting my own business and maintaining it throughout college and graduate school would be next. I have loved every minute of the past 9 years.

Dave Fowler

Dave Fowler

What’s your philosophy of life? 

Every single day is a gift. I am a perfectionist and tend to allow my work to take over, but I want to give my clients the absolute best that they deserve. I try to remember that although I am documenting life for others, there is so much life to live behind the camera as well. Life is short and this is our only shot to live it the way we feel that we should. I just want to document life and make an impression on others and leave them feeling beautiful and loved.

Any additional info/comments:

“One doesn’t stop seeing. One doesn’t stop framing. It doesn’t turn off and turn on. It’s on all the time.” – Annie Leibovitz

More info:




Nashville Fashion Week: Recap

View More: http://abigailbobophotography.pass.us/nashvillefashionfridaynight

Nashville, TN is well known as a music city destination for musicians. Artists from all over the world travel to Nashville in hopes of one day hearing their songs on the radio. Over the years, Nashville has evolved from the classic country music into a wide range of music genres.


Today the elevation hasn’t stopped. With the release of the new ABC’s hit TV show Nashville, the world is now paying more attention to this once before hidden gem. The elevation continues with the explosion of Nashville Fashion Week. Local, regional and national designers came together to display the amazing talent that ignites from this city. The event was showcased over several venues and brought a lot of attention to the local boutiques. Here are some of my favorite highlights:

Johnathan Kayne

Johnathan Kayne

Julia Clancey

Julia Clancey

Melrose space 10

Melrose space 10

Pink Elephant Designs

Pink Elephant Designs

SW3 Bespoke

SW3 Bespoke

View More: http://abigailbobophotography.pass.us/nashvillefashionfridaynight

Photography Credits: Eric Winton Photography, Abigail Boho Photography and Verve Studios Photography



The Art Institute Fashion Show- Nashville

I attended The Art Institute fashion show recently. It was held on a roof top in downtown Nashville. The students really came out to shine! The styling was very well put together, the fabrics were amazing, the colors were bright and the fit on the models were perfect! Here are my favorite highlights below.