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Thursday Thoughts: The World of Fashion PR!


I have been asked a lot…. what is Fashion PR? Well today I’m going to answer some of your questions so you can get a behind the scenes look into our world as a Fashion Publicist!

-What is Fashion PR?  

Public Relations for the Fashion Industry

-What all does Fashion PR consist of?

Helping different brands within the fashion industry gain exposure in different outlets, such as: Magazines, TV, Music Videos, Red Carpet Events, Celebrity Endorsement..etc.  I’ve included some examples of our work in these areas so you get a clear visual!

bstrd in magazines

Our client, bstrd jewelry. A editorial photoshoot for magazines

Aeveka for Kaya Jones

Our client, Aeveka Skincare sponsoring singer Kaya Jones album release event


Our client, Lauren Mayhew’s photoshoot with Fig Tree Jewelry and also filming her new music video.

Azadeh 2 in Trend Prive

Our client, Azadeh Couture in Trend Prive Magazine

-What makes a Fashion PR agency successful? 

Having connections at the right places. One thing we do at our agency (Tosha Cole Clemens PR & Brand Agency) is set down with our clients and ask them their goals and then we create a monthly plan in order for us to achieve those goals. Being realistic with your expectations and theirs is key! Also being professional and reacting quickly is a must. Events and opportunities happen and you have to be able to respond asap! Your job never stops at 5pm!

-What do you like most about Fashion PR?

At our agency, we love working with different types of clients. It creates a new fresh approach to each day. I personally love attending fashion shows and events on behalf of our clients

-How does someone get started in pursuing a career in Fashion PR? 

Determination and hard work! I have always been a believer that no matter what you want to accomplish in your life, you can if you are determined to do it. However, with that….you also have to set yourself  up for the best results. I wouldn’t advise someone to just start a career in something without having experience or doing their homework. I went to school for fashion and purposely worked in the field under people for 10 years. That experience developed my credibility, my network and my work ethic. If you had a lot of money, you could probably pay your way to the top but I believe in doing things the right way and developing yourself first. Be ok with running your own race, at the end of the day it’s a marathon not a sprint.


-How did you decide to start your own agency?

I had been consulting for different brands on product development, design and manufacturing and I started to notice the recurring need that all the brands have was PR (more exposure). You can have an outstanding product but if you don’t get it out to the public, what good is your product? So PR just seemed like a natural addition to my business. It has now pretty much taken the first seat to our business and we are setting back and watching our agency expand into countries all over the world!

The World is Your Runway….how are you walking? =)  Follow your dreams, you only have one life to live…go live it! I am!