Phoenix Fashion Week- Video-Tosha Cole Clemens


Tosha speaking at Phoenix Fashion Week!

Highlights of Fashion Industry Expert- Tosha Cole Clemens speaking at Phoenix Fashion Week!Tosha Cole Clemens PHXFW

Tosha Cole Clemens 1

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Redress Conference Brings Together Leaders in the Fashion and Textiles Industry


The fashion and textiles industry continues to create negative impacts on the environment and humanity. There is a growing movement to address these impacts with action-oriented solutions and the USA can be a leader in this evolution.

Redress Eco-Fashion and Textiles Conference (REFTC) brings together leaders from throughout the country who are intent on making the USA once again a pioneer in manufacturing, innovation, and sustainability.


The event happens May 29 – 30 in Raleigh, NC, and will include the premiere eco-fashion show of the South, a variety of educational sessions, and multiple networking opportunities. Intent on launching the next wave of eco-conscious designers, REFTC provides insights and knowledge from experts in the field from the design phase through what happens after you launch your fashion line.

Speakers will focus not only on how the design process can affect sustainability but on important skills such as understanding the step-by-step process of product design, marketing your brand while on a limited budget, and how to deliver value and differentiate your goods so that your company stands out.


Attending REFTC is an essential part of understanding the positive future of fashion and textiles and seeing the possibilities of a more responsible industry. It is a chance to join in the dialogue of change as well as connect with high-level professionals in the field.

If you’re ready to join this expanding movement and learn more about how to grow your brand, encourage emerging designers, or network with like-minded people, registration is now open.

Tosha will be one of the Fashion Industry Expert Speakers for this event. Speaking on, How To Do PR for your brand! See more below:



Highlights from the FIT Talks Conference: NYC

Tosha was one of the fashion industry experts to speak at the first annual FIT Talks conference at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC!

Tosha Cole Clemens at FIT fit Tosha Cole Clemens 1 Tosha Cole Clemens 2 Tosha Cole Clemens 32 Tosha Cole Clemens


Thursday Thoughts: The World of Fashion PR!


I have been asked a lot…. what is Fashion PR? Well today I’m going to answer some of your questions so you can get a behind the scenes look into our world as a Fashion Publicist!

-What is Fashion PR?  

Public Relations for the Fashion Industry

-What all does Fashion PR consist of?

Helping different brands within the fashion industry gain exposure in different outlets, such as: Magazines, TV, Music Videos, Red Carpet Events, Celebrity Endorsement..etc.  I’ve included some examples of our work in these areas so you get a clear visual!

bstrd in magazines

Our client, bstrd jewelry. A editorial photoshoot for magazines

Aeveka for Kaya Jones

Our client, Aeveka Skincare sponsoring singer Kaya Jones album release event


Our client, Lauren Mayhew’s photoshoot with Fig Tree Jewelry and also filming her new music video.

Azadeh 2 in Trend Prive

Our client, Azadeh Couture in Trend Prive Magazine

-What makes a Fashion PR agency successful? 

Having connections at the right places. One thing we do at our agency (Tosha Cole Clemens PR & Brand Agency) is set down with our clients and ask them their goals and then we create a monthly plan in order for us to achieve those goals. Being realistic with your expectations and theirs is key! Also being professional and reacting quickly is a must. Events and opportunities happen and you have to be able to respond asap! Your job never stops at 5pm!

-What do you like most about Fashion PR?

At our agency, we love working with different types of clients. It creates a new fresh approach to each day. I personally love attending fashion shows and events on behalf of our clients

-How does someone get started in pursuing a career in Fashion PR? 

Determination and hard work! I have always been a believer that no matter what you want to accomplish in your life, you can if you are determined to do it. However, with that….you also have to set yourself  up for the best results. I wouldn’t advise someone to just start a career in something without having experience or doing their homework. I went to school for fashion and purposely worked in the field under people for 10 years. That experience developed my credibility, my network and my work ethic. If you had a lot of money, you could probably pay your way to the top but I believe in doing things the right way and developing yourself first. Be ok with running your own race, at the end of the day it’s a marathon not a sprint.


-How did you decide to start your own agency?

I had been consulting for different brands on product development, design and manufacturing and I started to notice the recurring need that all the brands have was PR (more exposure). You can have an outstanding product but if you don’t get it out to the public, what good is your product? So PR just seemed like a natural addition to my business. It has now pretty much taken the first seat to our business and we are setting back and watching our agency expand into countries all over the world!

The World is Your Runway….how are you walking? =)  Follow your dreams, you only have one life to live…go live it! I am!




Monday Moment’s Inside: Miami Fashion Network


Name and Company Name:

Jessica Rae Anderson, Founder & CEO of Miami Fashion Network, LLC


Tell us a little bit about your background:

I have a 13-year industry background that started with a fashion design degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California.  I then secured high design positions at well-known NY firms like: Liz Claiborne, Victoria’s Secret, Jones Apparel Group, and A.B.S. I launched my own  accessories line, Jesarae, and have been on QVC, where I promoted my designs for the Sigrid Olsen brand.  In 2009, I created a lifestyle styling company, where I style: editorial fashion shoots, commercials, VIP clients, musicians and writes about trends for various publications under Firebrand Media Group, I also launched products and executes trunk shows for various designers.

While simultaneously styling clients and being exceedingly involved with the Miami community as a member of Fashion Group International, National Council of New World Symphony, Leadership circle at Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as a local Chapter President for the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising I have worked intensely to build MFN.


How did you start your company and why?

My vision for the company begun after relocating to Miami from NY in 2009. Immediately, I recognized a void in the Miami market for a true garment center. There was not one collective place where a designer could source local trims fabrics, trade events, sample rooms, cutters, industry jobs, etc. After my frustration with lack of growth in the industry , I decided to launch Miami Fashion Network in 2013

What is your company about?

Miami Fashion Network, a large-scale fashion collaborative concept consisting of a online social platform where designers can source all their industry needs and connect with local fashion supplier, who then can promote their goods or services to those designers amongst an progressive platform. A one-stop index of local fashion suppliers: textile, trims, leather, notions, patternmakers, fabrics, print suppliers, contractors, manufacturers (focus on Latin America) sample rooms, fit models, freelance designers, publications, print & textile design studios, packaging suppliers, knit swatch & sweater design studios, factories, etc. We also have a offline part to the company, A Sourcing laboratory with a Business Advisory which does the following:

  • Assists fashion companies with hands on services
  • Development of sourcing, prototypes for designers, branding, guiding them with trademarking, LLC, merchandising, technical packets, line development, sample review, assistance with fit models, etc.
  • Site location for factories, offices, and designers
  • •      Marketing and promotional events for those in the network to drive demand

What are the best and worst things about being a business owner?

It is certainly a challenge bringing a NY industry style work ethic to Miami, punctuality (here fashion shows start a min of 1 hour late) being a big problem. Also, finding good talent easily is always a challenge. Miami simply has a very relaxed way to do business this is not quite inline with the dead-lines and cut throat fashion industry. On a good note, The current garment industry that exists here is so open and receptive to MFN and have gone out of their way to make it a success through collaborating and sharing resources.


What are the things you like most about your career?

I love the design and manufacturing part of fashion which is  the real core of the business. It’s a side that most people don’t know and I find it such a compelling process like building a house from the ground up, there are so many technical parts, ideas, skilled workers and talent involved before the product  actually hits the sales floor.

What are some of your top sources of inspiration?

Paris Fashion Week, NY Fashion week, glossy magazines-all, travel and architecture. Music is also a huge part-I always have it playing in my office.

What is a typical day like?

It is jammed packed with meetings or conference calls either with potential members/clients or local businesses. I also spend a lot of time overseeing my staff with social media and website updates. I work very closely with my VP of Sourcing, Martu Freeman. Several evenings a week, we are invited to cover exclusive local fashion events, runway shows, trend presentations,product launches, trunk shows, etc. We are on top of all the local fashion events and trends, we then write about them for our homepage-Newsfeed. If we have a member that is hosting an event or launch, we are there to offer PR support and include our other members on the invite.

What are some of your greatest accomplishments?

Several of my fashion designs have been featured in WWD, Style Magazine, People, Lucky and Accessories Magazines

Selling my designs for Sigrid Olsen live on QVC Network

Launching Miami Fashion Network, LLC in Nov

My latest full-page feature in Ocean Drive Magazine on MFN which will drop April 2014

What would be your advice to someone wanting to start a business?

I would naturally tell them to collaborate with professionals those that have more experience than them or that compliment their business. If it’s a fashion startup, I would say sign on with Miami Fashion Network, so our industry experts (most with over 15 years in the industry) can prevent them from making mistakes and help them to grow successful brands, with all avenues of Trademarking, branding, line development, fashion sketching, illustrations, how to produce a runway show, technical packs, sourcing pattermakers, sewers, manufacturers, then ultimately introducing them to sales reps and buyers.

What’s your philosophy of life?

I think you basically get out of it what you put in, meaning if you work hard, are resilient, persistent things will be in your favor. I also believe in collaboration of talents, Its all about who you know and those relationships that you build that will help you to advance in life, whether it be professionally, socially or economically. I always try to help everyone out, which is a big reason why, I launched MFN in South Florida to be ultimate support for designers and grow the local supplier/manufacturing industry.

Any additional info/comments:

These are from a former press release

I am bound to succeed with such a diverse industry background, strong business acumen, major industry connections, panache and pure passion for the industry.

The ultimate goal is to expand the global fashion industry to south Florida with a strong focus on Latin America.

Jessica quotes “We want to create a real industry that is easily attainable for everyone!”

We are dedicated to bringing the community together in unique ways while featuring the spectacular creative talent that exists in South Florida and beyond.

For more information, check out